my first satisfying sexual encounter/had my first PiV orgasm with a human sex doll

After a while, it seemed pretty hopeless. I had plenty of interest, but no one who could really deliver on everything I was asking for, there was always some compromise they’d want to make, but I wasn’t about to settle. I wasn’t desperate to get laid, I just wanted to play with a cock on my terms.

After nearly a year, I finally found someone who seemed worth meeting. It turned out Fetlife was the place to go. I found a guy who’s profile literally said that he wanted to be a live sex doll. We texted a little, he told me he had Viagra, and before I knew it, we had plans to meet in at a hotel. I mention the Viagra because it’s something that’s always intrigued me. I like watching porn where the guy is on it, it basically makes him in to like a human dildo, it’s kind of everything I’ve ever wanted. I wouldn’t need to worry about keeping him hard, I had science to do the bulk of the work.

I spent the next few days obsessively grooming myself and watching absurd amounts of porn, literally taking notes on the things I wanted to try. I was nervous to say the least, but I wanted to see where this went and for whatever really, really wanted to play with a cock, so I went through with it.

The deal we worked out before we met was that basically, once we got going, he wasn’t allowed to talk, move, or cum unless I wanted him to. We also made a plan for my arrival. When i was in the elevator of his hotel, I texted him that I was nearly there. The door was slightly cracked open when I got there. I knocked lightly and opened the door, to my delight, laying in the bed, there was a very smooth looking naked man with an erection. Now I was getting excited.

We said hi to each other and that was about it before I started getting undressed. I started to put on a pair of stockings I brought with me, along with a sexy bra/panty set, garter belt, and some heels. I’ve always liked seeing women in lingerie in porn, I always imagined wearing some myself, so I went for it. Now normally, it seems like the women dresses up to entice the guy, but up until now, I’ve always just worn this stuff alone in my room for my own enjoyment, so when I noticed the guy looking at me, I got a little self-conscious. I just wasn’t used to anyone seeing me like that in real life and it wasn’t something I had considered to be a thing I’d want to control, but it was in fact, the first of a few things didn’t see coming. The good thing was that we had established that this could happen and his role was to just go with whatever I felt like I needed to do, no matter how weird/ridiculous it might be. So now I’ve realized I don’t even want this guys e

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